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...Just a little about me.. and perhaps you will understand how I became a multi breed person, having bred dogs for over 35 years!

 I grew up with different breeds, from German Shepherd to Chihuahua and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which my father owned.  Most of these different breeds were just our pets. My grandmother always had Poodles and Shih Tzu's. Granny had the prettiest bright red Shih Tzu I had ever seen and I fell in love. Her little dog passed away but I got her another Shih Tzu but this one was black and white; she named her Levi. Granny was so excited that she bred Levi  later and gave me the pick puppy, which we named, Panda. This is how the journey to the Shih Tzu, remembering my grandmother, I am forever grateful that she gave me my starting puppy.

My husband and I already had a Toy poodle, who lived to be 19 years old and who remained in as good a health as could be expected  until July 2008.  During our married years we acquired a Golden Retriever who became a lovely member of our family, Bubba. He passed away several years ago but not before teaching us that we just cannot live without a Golden in our family. I tried showing Goldens, but became quite ill and just couldn't handle the heavy crates and lifting the dogs. But I am proud to say that I have some of the top Champion Pedigrees in the country!

Several  Shiba Inu came to us in a desperate need for  a new home. As expected we could not turn them down! We had never heard of the breed but became very quickly enamored with it and decided to start  researching and then showing this particular breed.

We learned as much as we could about the different breeds we own, show some of them, others are shown with handlers and decided that we were going to continue owning more than two breeds. I have finished quite a few Champions not only of one breed, but several breeds. I will continue to show provided that my health remains stable.

Some years ago a friend gave me a Japanese Chin (KiKi), who had an excellent pedigree. Eventually, we bred her and got one very nice black/white boy puppy, named Keanu Reeves. Then we didn't think of showing this puppy, but a professional handler saw him and had a fit over him, so we started showing him. His first show was in Greenville Sc in 2005.  Keanu  had only been our lap dog but he took to the show classes like a true Champion. Today he is retired and lives with a close friend.  Now showing is Showboats Moonlite Herculease a male who has finished his AKC Championship , Bahama, INT, UKC, and is working on as many other titles. He is now retired with his handler after achieving many foreign titles also.           

The Coton de Tulear comes from Madagascar. I had a friend, who imported several Cotons and shows them in Rare Breed Clubs and does very well with them. This friend convinced me that I would fall in love with this particular breeds and she was correct. I now own ä Cotons, all imported, ã girls andÞ boys. We registered these dogs as Foundation Stock with the American Kennel Club they are now Fully recognized with AKC. Of course, I continue to learn more and more about the breed. We now own the Number One and  Number Two Cotons in United Kennel Club and also own 2  Int, Multi Grand Champions. Boston Terriers! Well, what can I say,  my first ?grandchild was a Boston? and so started the love for the breed and also showing...The Boston Terriers belong to my adult daughter  and it seems to run in our family, this love for various dog breeds! It is called the Dog Disease. Other breeds have came through our lives and we have loved them all but some will stay forever; the old Poodle has been a commitment in our lives and we will never be without a Poodle, which are very sensitive to people's needs.

Now you know a little about my human family and also my family of dogs and me. Tell me why you want the breed that you are looking for and what your plans are. Perhaps one day I will see you in the show ring?  If you intend to breed, please breed only to better the breed. Don't just breed to have a litter and multiply dogs!

Oh before I forget it, have a look at some of the  WORK  my dogs have done in commercials and movies and printed advertising. My gratitude goes to Senia Phillips of Southern Animal Talent Agency in Atlanta for getting my dogs started with their ?work?. and also teaching me how to love, respect and work with all of Gods creatures big and small from cows to spiders and snakes she treats everyone of these creatures with a unbelievable gentleness and kindness that could have only been taught to her through the love of God             Showboat Kennels Home

Shiba inu CH Cedarcrest Keeper of Dragons (Charley) our beloved male   


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