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Deciding if you are ready for a new Shiba Inu, Coton, Shih Tzu puppy or dog?


First of all think about what your life style is and what you have to offer a new dog or puppy?

Decide if you have enough time to commit to a new family member?

Will you be able to afford the cost related to puppies? There will be food, vet bills, shots, potty training, grooming, walks, toys, beds, brushes, heart worm prevention pills, flea treatment, dental care, pet insurance.

It is a big responsibility but well worth it for you, but is it worth it for the new family member?

Will there be enough time and love in the day for your pet?

Deciding what breed fits your life style? Try http://http// or any other breed picker test you prefer.

Then doing research to find your breeder.

Your breeder will or should become a extension of your family.

First of all know this! Make sure you buy from some one who show's their dogs.

This way you are assured to get the best for your money. Show breeders try to better the breed and spend a lot of money showing and testing for heredity problems, The price you pay for a pet is only a fraction of the money a quality breeder spends on their breeding dogs. you could actually double or triple the pet price and still wont be close to what a breeder has invested in their breeding dogs. we actually do it more as love of the breed rather than a profit because in all reality we Breeders loose money but gain knowledge and personal satisfaction of knowing we can produce quality and protect the integrity of our breed.

Some breeders have more than one breed usually they have been showing and breeding for a long time as I have , Most of them are extremely educated in breeding high quality dogs. and intend on getting our Judges Licens

.puppy mill is a ugly word and is used loosely , usually buy ignorant people who have something they are trying to hide , sell or pull over your eyes, Try to get information from them on movement and structure , they will stumble over words and try to BS you!

When people who claim to have knowledge of a breed and is importing their show dogs and have very little experience breeding their own show dogs, BEWARE, THEY HAVE QUITE A FEW YEARS AHEAD OF THEM BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN BE CONCIDERED A PROFESSIONAL BREEDER . people who are just breeding and not showing cant be to knowledgeable either because they have never had any true competition to know what is wrong or what area they need to improve in.

In the show world and breeding world we all know if any one is serious about breeding and showing you wont crash and burn at 6 years this is usually the run of a novis.

People who show almost never will sell for breeding only show and breeding , A good breeder is trying to save a breed from being bred improper . This will destroy the integrity of the breed,

Not every one who breeds does it for the right reasons, of bettering the breed, dogs get bred down in size or up, we loose quality and have a lot of health issues when novist try to breed with out a seasoned Mentor

There is enough pets from Professional breeders to go around with out having people breeding with no education of the breed or any since of genetics which plays a big part of a successful breeding program. Also people who have for a long time bred and showed different breeds USUALLY BECOME YOUR MULTI BREED JUDGES EDUCATED IN ALL ASPECTS OF EACH GROUP and the love of the breed , This is what makes them experts breeders.

There is a huge difference between a licensed breeder and a commercial breeder!

A licensed breeder is required by law to have a licenses to sell their pets to the public and is also inspected by the State and AKC..

A Commercial breeder sells to pet shops and puppy brokers , the poor dogs are raised like rabbits in small cages never having sunlight or exercise time or even love/.

 All breeders in the state of Georgia are required to have state and county licenses even show breeders , Be sure to check with your State Department of Agriculture to make sure the breeder is licened or atleast see the licens , All professional breeders have quite a few dogs this is why it is called a BREEDING PROGRAM where the breeder can explore different aspects of their breed, If you just haveق orك breeding dogs or just breeding your pet you purchased from the pet shop or hobby breeder. people like this will breed the dogs out of ignorance and with no understanding or no real knowledge of their breeds structure or understanding how to better a breed.

So as professional breeders it is our job to Educate and Mentor , novas breeders who really don't know any better and lack education, I have never turned away some one seeking knowledge, I always try to educate every one who adopts a dog or puppy from me, I feel it is my duty as a professional to also be a educator . I have many references from puppie buyers, Vet's, Friends ,Family, and most of all my show friends who know my integrety as a breeder.

Professional breeders usually only breed a female 5 or 6 years of age/ But also don't start breeding them until they are 2 and mature enough to breed/ so actually there is only 3 to 4 years of breeding, there is always a exception to the rule on females who just keep on producing top winning dogs . Breeder usually are extremely attached and keeps them as personal companions for ever. Six is a good age to place your dog because they still have a nice long life to offer to some on as a pet. of course as a dog lover as I hope all of us breeders are!! we have in our lives non breeding pets, and some are breeds we love but don't breed so the numbers can add up . this is not a bad thing as long as we have enough time for love and proper care.

Most of us have kennel help or we could not attend the dog show's.

True dog lovers have a hard time picking just one breed as we love them all ,and each person in our homes have their favorites also.

The professional breeders I know that are honest do have at least 10 to 20 of their breed , This is called a breeding program, so every dog is not bred over and over .

Also in having different lines of dogs there is enough males and females to enhance their breeding program and find the best combination. While young dogs are being showed and getting old enough to become breeders. We as breeders are finding homes for the older dogs where the young upcoming dogs can fit into our breeding program , this is why there is a cluster of dogs around us at all times. Showing, Breeding, Retired, our altered Pets and puppies waiting on new homes or growing out to be showed and eventually breed if the Quality is there.

I personally would hate to know that the only knowledge of becoming a breeder had came from only breeding a few litters and the breeding stock came from the pet store or novas breeders in the next state who conned a breeder into giving them breeding rights by saying I may want a litter some day but have no plans to breed the dog as of now this is why there is APRI puppies people dont want to put up with AKC inspections and state inspections ! those puppies are registered APRI with no linage to backup the quality of the dog.

I believe any one that is interested in becoming a breeder whether showing or not should have many years of mentoring under a reputable show breeder who can impart knowledge in to you that books cannot even began to teach you , If you have the right Mentor they will teach you the importance of structure , correct movement ,type, temperament, this will insure the integrity of the breed and the breeder, and also what it will mean to your breed and customers who will be coming back to you for years and also referring you to their friends. These people become a part of your extended family.

My Mentor Shirley Shannon of Shandell Shibas has and is still training me after 18 years she has a extensive knowledge of the non sporting and the sporting breeds, she is a well of information. we now teach each other, also I spent so much time at her house I had my own room and she became my extended family . We have mutual respect for each other , our likes and dislikes of a breed are not always the same but the out come is the same Great healthy Show dogs, we still Co Own and show together, I am proud to be her student and friend.

I have had other mentors in other breeds through the years. and still hold great respect for them but chose not to show their breeds but also benefitted greatly from their experience and knowledge,. of Boston Terriers, Japenese chin, shih tzu, Papallions, Poodles ,Chinese Crested, English bulldogs, Golden Retrievers, Shetland sheep dog ,some breeds I have owned and others were my close friends dogs I have showed for them and loved with them.

Although not every one is willing to share knowledge of a breed in fear of competition this has not ever been my case I love Mentoring and encouraging new show breeders to also be teachers/ this is what the Breed clubs are suppose to bee all about, some clubs are not worth the headache. During all of the feuding and fussing they forget to TEACH It is not about who the club is but all about the ( Breed ), to preserve the integrity of the breed , even if you agree to disagree you can still all come together and preserve our breeds. It has nothing to do with the name of the club but the people behind the breeding programs in the clubs , This is why I am a member of some breed clubs and not of other breed clubs I also am a member of several clubs just to keep up with friends and of breeds that I adore and care for and some I have tried or considered over 21 years of showing and breeding to see the new upcoming dogs and how each breed is evolving. Education / Education

AKC!!!! does not set the standard for the new breeds , the Parent clubs have the final say on the breed standard, I beleive that the original standard should always be followed no matter how much we disaprove or we will change the whole look and structure of our breeds.

All show breeders breed only for show prospects not for pets but we do of course get them! This way when a person looking for a pet can be assured they get a great Example of the breed as a pet.

Coton de tulear, Shiba inu . ocasionally Shih tzu

Although there is not enough show homes for every puppy and every puppy may not have the personality marking or some little imperfection that the pet person would never notice, , but at least you can be cretin that you have a quality pet that is a good represenitive of the breed for about the same price as a not so perfect puppy with health issues that could cost you in the long run.

I can give limited advice on several breeds but these are breeds I chose not to show or breed but did my home work on or had some of as a pet some time during the past 52 years of life..

My breed's of choice > Coton de tulear, Shiba inu, ocasionally Shih tzu , This is what I show, Not only what I love !! .