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            15 years of Making Movies ,Commercials, Print adds




 MOVIE -                   Alpharetta keeps up with 'The Joneses'

Mr Apollo of Woodland Cottage ( Coton de tulear ) joins the cast of The Joneses.

Apollo is a INTERNATIONAL, IABCA,RARITIES,NAKC,UKC GRAND CHAMPION  who lives the good life at Showboat Kennels in Thomaston Ga

he hopes this is his the begenning in his show career

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The New Daughter 

(2009) visit   IMDb Pro for more on upcoming movies

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 Luis Berdejo : Director of  The New Daughter
                                Luis A. Berdejo | Luis Alejandro Berdejo | Luiso Berdejo

Krissy Howington

 Kevin Costner , Deborah Howington, Marmolade (cat)  from Showboat Kennels

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                                       Up coming Movie

                                                  Road Trip Two  2008               ..

Travis and Tricia Tritt adopting a Shiba inu puppy  
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VIP At Travis Trit Concert  4-18-2010 
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                            Saying Goodbuy to Senia Phillips

This is a tribute to my friend Senia Phillips of Southern Animal Talent Agency who passed away Dec 21-2010. With out you non of this would have ben possible !!

I remember when we met in 1996 we became friends immediately because we both shared the same love and passion for all of Gods creatures , we worked side by side we laughed we cried we sniggered and laughed like little school girls. you were always there for me you believed in me and gave me courage to face my fears of shyness, I will never forget when you called me and was crying and laughing at the same time about that FED X story of the bull frogs we ordered for a print add,when they came they were dead as doornails you were sobbing and didn’t know what you were doing to do the add was in the evening, When you called me back and told me what you had to do to get the print add with a poor dead frog we laughed until we cried!!!! you stuffer his mouth with cotton balls and ties light weight fishing line to his feet to make him hop, I couldn’t believe how smart you were to come up with such a stunt,not sure if I would or could have jumped to the rescue so fast!!


don’t worry folks the crying was for the poor dead frogs!! she was a very sensitive person who treated animal with the love and respect they deserved, she took that great big frog home and placed him in a match box then buried him with respect, If any one had knew what we were crying about they would have committed us for sure.

this only one of the stories I have many to share if any one would like to here them especially mouse and the rat terrier , how much fun we had.We worked with Dirt Devil using my golden puppies and renting others for many fun filled years of chasing golden puppies every where ,how fun they were.


I hope you got your book published.

I hope you found happiness

I know you found peace

I know you will see my daddy in heaven

I know you are embraced in Gods loving arms

I know you will no longer suffer

I know I will meet you in heaven some day

I know you are with Mrs. Lori the smartest dog I have ever had the pleasure to work with

I know you are with your husband

I know I could never find all of the words in my heart to tell you how much you were Loved

I know you will be missed

Goodbuy my friend until we meet again xoxo