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Everything You Will Need For A New Puppy!

How to greet your new doggy!

How to greet a new puppy! 

We highly recommend these vitamins! We ask that you pre-order so that they are ready for when your puppy comes home! Please use the access code below to get your discount!

Vitamins for your dog!
Vitamins for your dog!
Vitamins for your dog!
Play pen for your dog!
Play pen for your dog!
Kennel for your new dog!

We recommend this size kennel for your puppies to grow into. This will be connected to your xpen so your puppy can have its own area to be safe in. We do not recommend locking puppies in crates, we keep the door open so they can have access to their playpen. We will show an example. 

Puppies will tend to try to climb out when they actually have to go potty. They do not like using the bathroom where they live. You can also use a pee pad for accidents while you are away.  We actually use washable pee pads here, that can be found on Amazon! 

Younger puppies can use the shorter playpen, older puppies need a taller one. We highly recommend using these to keep your house and puppy safe! 

Example of play pen & kennel connected!
Example of puppy food!

Small sample size of puppy food that you will be given. It contains Lamb & Rice by Purina Pro plan. 

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